Welcome to Western Editorial – Huntington Beach, California

Let Us Tell Your “Moving” Story
Welcome to Western Editorial, the publisher of “Going Places” magazine that covers the movement or expansion of companies in any industry. Basically, we provide a historical prospective that describes the key elements, events and executives responsible for the growth. This editorial promotion is comprised of a 1,000 word feature cover story article format, over a 4-page layout - complete with photos, charts and graphs as appropriate - that is ready for re-printing or e-file distribution to social and business media. Designed to be a memorable and dramatic announcement of change of address to new or expanded company facilities, it can be printed or posted on website. When printed and distributed to clients, customers and prospects, the editorial tone of the feature can impact branding in a way brochures or ads can never achieve. As a digital file, the article can be posted on the corporate website, under a “News” tab or website link for search engine access.