About Us

Western Editorial specializes in generating media coverage for its clients in order to establish market awareness and product positioning through a third-party endorsement.

Establishing positive public opinion and product/service awareness for its clients through editorial placement since 1985, the agency has the experience of working in a wide variety of industries with a positive editorial style.

Perhaps best known for its work with Alta-Dena Dairy (City of Industry) in 1986, the agency, under the direction of its founder Rob Bryant, publicized the dairy’s pioneering effort to locate missing children by printing the faces of the victims on their milk cartons.

Bryant includes among his career highlights, being the destination editor for Southland Golf, teaching for nine semesters on the university level and heading the public relations departments of two Orange County advertising agencies.

Most recently Bryant has developed three magazine titles with each reporting on a segment of business. The “Cover Story” subject companies are featured in a 4-page, 1,000 word article that is more readable and credible than a brochure, yet serves basically the same purpose.

Going Places covers businesses in the process of moving to new quarters or expanding to new locations. Milestones reports on companies that are celebrating a benchmark anniversary such as 20, 25 or 40 years in business. Business World is a general business publication that can be used to announce a new product or service or that existing products and services have a new application.